About me


Birth : August 2, 1978, in Boulogne s/ Mer.


13/01/1999 – 13/01/2001 : Saarburg, Germany, Long National Military Service, Infantry « chasseurs à pied », 16th battalion.
14/01/2001 – 14/01/2004 : Extension in the same battalion.


Ivory Coast, Port-Bouet : Short term mission 04/06/2000 – 31/08/2000, with the first fighting unit. Tests of a course in combat survival in equatorial forest conditions passed successfully.
Bulgaria, Bourgas : Infantry training 01/10/2000 – 01/11/2000, with the first fighting unit.
Kosovo, Mitrovica : Operation 26/09/2001 – 25/01/2002, with the logistic unit.
French Guyana, Cayenne : Short term mission 25/02/2003 – 26/06/2003, with the logistic unit. Tests of a course in combat survival in equatorial forest conditions passed successfully.


01/04/2004 – 31/12/2015, Specialised in Information and Telecommunication Systems.
2004, Toulon : Student in the Saint-Mandrier Navy Instruction Center.
2005 – 2007, Cherbourg : IT System Department.
2007 – 2010, Lorient : Marines HQ (“Green Berets”), Tactical unit, and assigned to Commando Kieffer, Penfentenyo and Fusco Base.
2011, Brest : Naval Base.
2012 – 2015, Nantes : Maritime Command.


Chad and Central African Republic : Operation for European Union 05/08/2008 – 16/11/2008, Special Forces headquarters with Commando de Penfentenyo ; intelligence analyst.

In October 2008, during a mission in the Ouaddaï (Chad), I found the website “Carré Impérial” to challenge the misleading assertions about Napoleon. Since then, I have been walking in the footsteps of the soldiers of the Great Army and writing my personal vision of the history of the Great Commanders.
2011, August, Madrid : I make a complaint about the account of the “Dos de Mayo”. Thanks to a Spanish friend of mine a masterful thesis has been released, and received approval of the Prado Museum Curator two years later.
2011, October : I discover a scientific report in which Marchand, who was Napoleon’s personal servant in St-Helena, affirms there were three coffins just before the departure of the Emperor in deportation.

Solitary hike bicentenary (New campaigns)

2013 August : Dresden, Bautzen, Zgorzelec, Zittau, and back to Dresden.
2013 October : Dresden-Leipzig.
2014 February : Saint Dizier, Brienne, Troyes, Nogent-sur-Seine, Champaubert, Montmirail, Château Thierry (battlefields of « Campagne de France, 1814).
2014 August : Elba Island tour, and Bastia to Ajaccio.
2015 March : Golfe Juan (the place where Napoleon landed on the first of March 1815) to Laffrey.

2015, september : Exhibition « The mysterious black burnous » in the little Malmaison palace, partnership with Sylvie Bihannic and M. Czarnecki.
2017, september : Project « The sacred scarf of Napoleon, from the opale field to the sovereign red », partnership with Sylvie Bihannic.
2018 : Project « The Gorgone Race », a new commando training on the old camp of Boulogne.
2019, April-May : Project « The Gorgone Odyssey », a long haul by bike between Boulogne-sur-Mer and Austerlitz, in 17 stages.